Air india flight reservation The goal is to give the student with a disability equal access to the learning environment.
Individualized accommodations air india flight reservation are not designed to give the student an advantage over other students, to alter a fundamental aspect of the air india flight reservation air india flight reservation course, nor to weaken academic rigor. A air india flight reservation specific learning disability is unique to the individual and can be manifested in a variety of ways. Therefore, accommodations for a specific student must be tailored to the individual.
The following are examples of classroom, assignment, and examination accommodations that may be recommended for a student with a learning disability.
When in doubt about how to assist a student, work with the student privately or contact the campus office that provides support services for students with disabilities. Classroom and Assignment Accommodations You indian reservations casino may be asked to assist the student in finding effective peer note-takers from the class. Alternatively, you internet reservation of indian railways could provide the student with a copy of your lecture notes or outline. allow the student additional time to complete in-class assignments, air india flight reservation particularly writing assignments. provide feedback and assist the student in planning the online air india flight reservation airline reservation project workflow of assignments. This is especially important with large writing assignments.
It may be helpful to air india flight reservation break the larger assignment into smaller components with opportunities for draft feedback.
Examination Accommodations You may be asked to allow the student with a learning disability extended exam time, typically time and one half to double time.
the assistance of a reader, scribe, or word air india flight reservation processor for exams. to use spelling and grammar assistive devices for essay exams. Additional Resources Your campus student disability support office is a valuable resource for better understanding learning disabilities and effective air india flight reservation instructional strategies. The following resources may air india flight reservation also be helpful: The Center for Universal air india flight reservation Design in Education is a comprehensive resource on the principles, processes, and strategies for applying UD in academic settings.
The Faculty Room is a space indian railway online reservations for faculty and administrators at postsecondary institutions to learn indian airways reservation about how to create classroom environments and activities that maximize the learning of all students, including those with disabilities.
Invisible Disabilities and Postsecondary air india flight reservation best hotel reservations Education is the title of both a video and a air india flight reservation publication that include suggestions for working with students with invisible disabilities on postsecondary campuses. Equal Access: Universal Design of Instruction is the title of both a video and a publication that provide postsecondary instructors with strategies for making air india flight reservation air india flight reservation campuses welcoming and accessible to all students. LDOnline air india flight reservation is a comprehensive website on learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and other professionals. The Learning Disabilities Association of air india flight reservation America, (LDA) is a nonprofit grassroots organization whose members are individuals with learning disabilities, their families, and professionals who air india flight reservation work with them to advance the education and general welfare of children and air india flight reservation air india flight reservation adults with learning disabilities.
About DO-IT DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) serves air india flight reservation to increase the successful participation of air india flight reservation individuals with disabilities in challenging academic tennis reservation software programs such as those air india flight reservation in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. Primary funding for DO-IT is provided by the National Science Foundation, the State of Washington, and the U.S. DO-IT is a collaboration of UW Information Technology and the Colleges of Engineering and Education at the University of Washington.
Grants and gifts fund DO-IT publications, videos, and programs to support the academic and career success of people with disabilities.
Contribute today by sending a air india flight reservation check to DO-IT, Box 354842, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-4842.
Your gift is tax deductible as specified in IRS regulations. Pursuant to RCW 19.09, the University of Washington is registered as a charitable organization with the Secretary of State, state of Washington.
For more information call the Office of the Secretary of State, 1-800-322-4483.
To order free publications or newsletters use the DO-IT Publications Order Form ; to order videos and training materials use the Videos, Books and Comprehensive Training Materials Order Form.

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